Exchange 2007 SP3 Rollup 3 – Unforseen Consequences

Did not see that coming.

If you have installed Rollup 3 on your Exchange 2007 SP3 email server then you might experience the following: When Mac users who send emails with .tiff or .pdf attachments to Windows users, the Windows users won’t be able to view the attachments! Sometimes Windows users who receive the attachment laden email, won’t even see the telltale paperclip symbol on these emails. It is only when the email is viewed from OWA or another Mac client that it’s attachments are made apparent.

Even though the rollup was released in April, Microsoft still hasn’t released a publicly available patch for it. At this time, you’ve got three things that you can do to try and resolve this issue:

  1. Uninstall Rollup3
  2. Call 1-800-microsoft and talk Microsoft support into giving you the hotfix
  3. Entering the following command in power shell on your Exchange server has reportedly helped some people: set-OrganizationConfig -ShowInlineAttachments:$true

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