Citrix Provisioning Services + VMWare VMXNet3 NIC Drivers = Fail

Assume that you’re setting up a new XenApp Farm with Provisioning Services in your ESX environment. You’ve meticulously set everything up: your  image is fully configured, you’ve created the vdisks, configured your provisioning servers, and you’ve created your provisioned VMs from the template that you created from the VM that you used to create your  image. The VM that the template is based on runs perfectly. You bring up one of  your provisioned servers only to be SLAPPED ACROSS THE FACE with a BSOD.

Turns out that provisioned Citrix VMs and the VMXNet3 NIC driver are not BFFs.

What are your options? Well my friend, it appears you can do one of two things:

1.) Switch network adapters on your VMs to the E1000 (I cannot vouch for this one as I haven’t tried it)

2.) Install the Hotfix CPVS56SP1E011 from Citrix. You’ll probably want to install it on the VM that you are using to create your  image, then v to v it, and ensure that the resultant files are copied to your vdisk.

Download Hotfix CPVS56SP1E011 Here:

A quick note:
Should you ever need to update the VMware tools on your provisioned servers, you’ll want to uninstall the hotfix and the Provisioning Services target device software. Once you have installed the updated tools, you’ll want to install thew PVS target device software and the hotfix.

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